a film by
Sinah Ober

Jonathan Bangs
Charlz Williams
There's a distance - a wideness - between each of us, and even our own family are only out-of-focus silhouettes. But we can shout to each other. We can listen.

25 Minutes

A military trauma surgeon and his twenty-something son take the ashes of their deceased wife and mother to Treeline Lake, a place she loved. Against his father's wishes, the son creates a podcast about the experience that he hopes will advance his career as a radio journalist. This is the story of their last trip as a family.

Treeline Lake was filmed at 8,500 feet of elevation at Snowslide Lake in remote McCall, Idaho.
Production required that every team member hike the film equipment up and down the trail to Snowslide Peak … three times. Special battery powered lighting panels designed to simulate a campfire were built by hand. One crew member fought altitude sickness. Everyone camped and several scenes were shot by firelight. The director, editor, and cinematographer of Treeline Lake are women, and the entire team is a very diverse crew of overlapping colors, sexual orientations, and gender expressions, all working beyond their ordinary duties and for almost no money to express their craft and tell a story they care about. Treeline Lake is a film by a director and team with a truly independent creative vision.

Treeline Lake is
Marcus … Charlz Williams
Scotty … Jonathan Bangs

Directed by ... Sinah Ober
Written & Produced by … D. Jesse Damazo, Sinah Ober
Cinematography & Color … Riley H. Shen
Associate Producer & Gaffer … Darrell Brett
Editor … Qing Shao
Sound … Marc Carlton
First AC & Title DesignDainius Bukauskas
Sound Mixer Rasika Ruwanpathirana
Rerecording Mixer ... Aidan Reynolds
Unit Production Manager ... Zhāo Lewis Liú
Production Assistant ... Samantha Sharp
Assistant Producer ... Kat Shea
Poster Design ... Jo Roberts
Make-up Effects Design ... Jesse Walker

Original Music … Timothy Steven Clarke
Vibraphone, Flower Pots, Coil Spring Box, Doumbek, Caixa, String Bells and Turtle Drum ... John Smigielski
Soprano Sax Keys, Flute, Clarinet and Native American Flute ... Nelson Rivera
Violin, Viola and Cello ... Joe Goehle
Trumpet ... Timothy Steven Clarke
Pan African Film Festival
World Premiere
Best Narrative Short Film - Nomination

Maryland Film Festival
Official Selection

Big Muddy Film Festival
Official Selection

Oslo Independent Film Festival
Official Selection

Katra Film Series
Official Selection

Buffalo International Film Festival
Official Selection
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